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July 19, 2017

Have you ever seen house like this? There is a little beach with incredible blue water only 200km from Rio de Janeiro. Do you ever seen house with flowering roof? The sun is isolated  by the flower roof and looks like banana leaf 🙂 Ok, you catch me, the house isn’t so little, actually it is huge property around 7,780 ft².
The building is created in the middle of  small forest with beach in front of the house. Be sure that you’ll see in the pictures below many open air spaces in the house. It includes open spaces between the rooms that can be replaced by typical corridors.  The house is ideal place for meetings but also and incredible beach parties with your young friends.

The price of the house is around $2.7mil!

The location of the house is: Brazil Angra dos Reis, 200km from Rio de Janeiro.

The house inside and outside are almost amazing with the assistance of several sliding doors that allow the sea breeze to refresh the air in the house.
The ground ареr is devious by breathe stopping landscapes. One of the best advantages in the house is the garden. There is a lot of space for relaxing and drinking fresh cocktails with your best friends.

Just take a look the inside pool. It is perfect!

Please find several night pictures.

Clear and simple bed in purple. Also you can use it for massages.

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