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Spanish-Style Garden An Endless Tale Landscape Design Mediterranean Unique Place

July 2, 2020

Spain is a country where a lot of emphasis is placed on landscape design. The Spanish gardens have a Mediterranean touch and we can safely say that they look like a sculpted fairytale landscape.

The climate in Spain is warm and humid, which allows the cultivation of various plant species. Typical plants are: tropical palms, cypresses, Mediterranean pines, thuja, yew, zokum, boxwood, magnolia, hydrangea, rose, clematis , citrus, olive trees, figs.

Bougainvillea has a place of honor in the Spanish style. It is characteristic of this climate, a plant that adorns courtyards, porches, terraces and pergolas. Creeping plants are also a hallmark of the Spanish garden. It is a pleasure to sit on the vernada or pergola under the shade of clematis, wisteria or wild vine.

Herbs and spices are also revered in the Spanish garden. The pleasant scent of lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme, mint, planted in flower beds or boxes, perfectly complements the romantic garden landscape.

Almost mandatory element are hanging baskets with petunia, bougainvillea, passionflower.

The gazebo and pergola are an integral part of the Spanish courtyard. The house is usually connected to the garden by a spacious veranda. The yard is designed to be comfortable and pleasant to spend time outdoors. The floors are made of natural stone, tiles or wood. The furniture is mostly wicker or wooden. The structures are massive, most often stone. The decoration consists mainly of plants in hanging baskets or clay pots.

Tall stone vases and interesting garden sculptures are also typical of the Mediterranean garden. The accessories are mainly made of terracotta and wood. The lighting is with garden lanterns or beautiful candlesticks. The dining area is organized under the dense shade of a large tree, porch or gazebo.

Hedges and well-formed evergreen shrubs are typical of the Spanish courtyard. Fruit trees such as apples, plums, cherries, and citrus fruits feel very good in the Mediterranean garden. Hydrangea also has a reserved place in landscape design. It can be planted in groups or as an accent in the garden or in large terracotta pots, boxes, wicker pots.

The  Spanish-style summer kitchen is practical, elegant, creates a cozy and romantic atmosphere. It completely replaces the indoor kitchen and dining room during the summer months. It is suitable for afternoon tea and a quick breakfast, a romantic dinner or a party with friends.

The water occupies a central place in the Spanish courtyard. The artificial pond is an integral part of it. It can be a fountain, a decorative waterfall, a mini pond. The pool is also often present in the Mediterranean garden. As the climate is characterized by hot and dry summers, it is a dream note of coolness on warm days and evenings. The large pool is associated with the sea, which is inevitably present in the Mediterranean landscape.

The Mediterranean style is very suitable for a garden with a slope. Several wide terraces enhance the feeling of being on a slope descending to the beach. It is enough to have a small difference in height up to 40 – 50 cm. The retaining walls are made of rough, untreated stones. Steps are made of the same stones. There may be a winding gravel path in the garden.