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Modern Solutions of Scandinavian-Style Kitchen Inspiration Design Ideas Interior Dinning Room

July 8, 2020

The charm of Scandinavian cuisine lies in the feeling of closeness to nature that it creates.

Characteristic features of Scandinavian cuisine:

  • Light primary colors that optically expand the space and dark details;
  • Mainly natural materials are used;
  • Visual lightness of the furniture, simplicity and rigor of the lines;
  • Practicality, ergonomics and minimal amount of decorations;
  • Presence of lots of natural light and green plants;
  • Scandinavian design is especially suitable for miniature kitchens, as, thanks to the open windows, the large amount of natural light and bright colors, it creates a feeling of space.

The colors in Scandinavian cuisine

Scandinavian design emphasizes natural colors – white, gray, beige. The accents are in graphite, brown, black, blue.

Warm colors are almost absent as well as romantic-pastel shades.

Flooring and cladding

Traditionally, the floor in the Scandinavian kitchen is covered with wood. If you are worried about placing natural wood in the kitchen, you can bet on quality laminate. There is also an option to combine two types of flooring – parquet in the dining area and tiles around the sink and work area.

For the walls it is best to bet on washable paint or decorative plaster.

Furniture and textiles

Kitchen cabinets are most often made of natural wood, MDF and less often of chipboard. The colors are white, gray, black, blue. For the countertop are suitable natural stone – granite, marble, travertine, terracotta tiles. The back of the kitchen should be practical, easy to clean and not retain stains and odors, prevent the formation of mold and the development of microbes. In this regard, the most suitable is glass or laminate.

The table and chairs are most often made of solid wood and less often of glass.

Natural wood countertops are preferred, especially in combination with white kitchen cabinets. Patchwork tiles are also a modern and interesting solution.

The textile is also natural – leather, linen, cotton, hand-woven rugs and knitted pillowcases and sofa covers. Curtains are usually missing and are replaced by blinds, but in cases where they are made of tulle – ethereal and light.

The large dining room is not respected in Scandinavian cuisine . Usually the dining area is compact, consisting of a small table with 3-4 chairs. Very often they are foldable, as is the table itself. The sofa is not traditional furniture, small sofas or benches are more common.

A quick breakfast, coffee or a drink can be set up on the kitchen island or bar.

Decor and lighting

Characteristic of the Scandinavian style are paintings, photographs, a blackboard and especially green plants. A few pots of flowers and spices are enough decoration for the small kitchen.

Lack of sunlight is a problem in the Scandinavian countries and this is the reason why it is used to the maximum as the windows are left open during the light part of the day. However, it is necessary to compensate for its lack with the help of additional lighting. It usually does not come from a single source. Many lighting fixtures are revered, especially those above the dining area, work area and cabinets.