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Modern Bathroom Design New Trends 2020 Dream Home Decoration

March 20, 2019

There’s one room in the home where we all go to.. One room we all use. It’s often overlooked from a design perspective, but with some care and forethought, the bathroom can be a soothing, relaxing place to be…

Using wood in the bathroom has become increasingly popular since 2018 and doesn’t seem to show any signs otherwise. It’s a practical and versatile material that, once treated, is durable and impressive looking.

Contrasting it with paler colours, in this case here, blue, gives an almost coastal feel. Blue also offers a calming space: representing the renewing water element of feng shui and, with the addition of plants that flourish in a humid environment, the idea of a tranquil oasis is brought into the home. With the bright walls and spotlight illuminations, purity and hygiene is accentuated allowing the busiest area of the home to retain the necessity of cleanliness for all who use it.

There is a sense of great elegance too here and even if this is a functional family bathroom (where storage is an absolute priority), it doesn’t detract from the style in place. What transpires then is almost a hotel-like design and the best hotels have the best bathrooms – sometimes bringing the everyday nature of such a room to heights of luxury. Everyone likes to be pampered and such a bathroom pampers the user as soon as they step over its threshold, offering a fulfilling and satisfying experience.