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July 19, 2017

If you have pets especially cats probably you know that they are really curious and need to explore new things. Climbing onto what seems like everything in your home is one of the favorite exercise. Sadly this usually ends up bad!

Please see the little jungle gyms created especially for your cats that are really nice, but a some of them are so huge and bulky and they seem to occupied the entire area! What do you think about a playground for your pets on the ceiling and walls? Almost all of the cats love to climb.  If you have playground on the wall you will not walk around huge old cat jungle gyms in the middle of your house.

Bulgarian design company Timepoint, creates playgrounds that has long flat surfaces, ropes, slanted platforms and several others fun toys for pets to play with. All of the items are is hand-made created. 

Please check below some of the creative designs. We are sure the your cats would fall in love with a structure like this


Do you like it? They are like a kings!

Black and white cat.

It’s time for cleaning and relaxing…..

They are really curious …