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July 5, 2019

One can never underestimate how much our surroundings can affect us, that’s why it’s so important that our homes are not only functional, but they say something about us and allow us to not only feel comfortable but also invigorate and excite us.

Another important factor to consider is contrast. You’ll notice in the examples above that the color scheme of the rooms all exhibit shades and colors that complement each other, finding the right color scheme is crucial in setting the tone and mood for your home.

Any good designer will tell you that it’s all well and good having a home that looks nice, but if it isn’t comfortable then you’re not going enjoy living there very much. Having lush carpeting, fluffy pillows, comfy sofas and chairs and of course a cozy bed are all important in making sure feel at home. There’s no reason why your home shouldn’t feel good as well as look it.