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EXLUSIVE! How To Make “A Cup Of Life” And How To Use It For Coronavirus Infection cure!

March 18, 2020


In this article we will guide you how Iranian scientist Mehran Kesh, in which he explains why and how to use the “Cup of Life” he describes, a method that can help us with coronavirus and other influenza viruses.

What Viruses Are According to Mehran Keshe

He says that in order to be able to deal with viruses, we need to understand what they are, what their condition and form are. The Keshe Foundation has made great strides in combating them – most notably the so-called Swine Flu, which spread to China in 2019. Then, through new plasma technologies, it was able to cure thousands of pigs in just a few weeks. Keshe explains that when it enters the body, the virus penetrates into the cell, which has less energy than it. It binds to the amino acids in it and begins to deplete its energy. This connection of the virus to the amino acid in the cache cell is called an “energy pack”. He also says that in order to counteract the virus, one must know that the amino acids in cells are its main source of energy. Without energy, the cell breaks down and the virus moves to the next cell, depleting its energy. This continues until the destruction of vital organs of the body, and then death.

Cache Prevention and Treatment Concept

Mehran Keshe is making another gift to humanity with the introduction of GANS technology that can solve the coronavirus problem and end the epidemic. Through its plasma technology, it enables all humans to protect themselves against this and other such viruses. Even more – treating the sick. According to him, the virus can be removed from the body through energy packages made of plasma water and amino acids that do not damage any cell in the body. These packages are made from GANS and amino acids and have less energy than the virus. When delivered to a virus-infected cell, the virus is attracted to them and leaves the cell, identifying them as easier prey. When he attaches to the packages, they begin to exhaust his energy. The virus weakens and cannot re-enter another healthy cell. This creates a barrier between the cells and the dangerous virus. The patient’s body begins to recover from severe fever and pulmonary inflammation, stabilizes and returns to its original normal state.

Signs of coronavirus infection

inability to hold your breath for more than 10 seconds;
cold sweat and fever;
strong headache;
back pain in the upper lung area;
difficulty breathing and feeling pressure even when sprayed with plasma water on the body, neck, head, chest and back.
For some of these symptoms, you may apply the “Glass of Life” described below.

2. How To Make A Cup Of Life

The cup of life is a technology of the Keshe Foundation, which energizes water with powerful magnetic-gravity fields, which has the ability to consume the energy of viruses. It is used for the prevention and treatment of viral diseases. There are two ways to make a cup of life:

using electricity (emergency only);
without using electricity (recommended).
Making the cup using electricity

Materials needed:

  • nano covered copper winding;
  • copper coil;
  • zinc plate;
  • clean filtered water (preferably distilled water);
  • salt (not iodinated *);
  • glass or jar;
  • copper conductor;
  • 1.5V battery


Materials needed:

  • syringe;
  • plastic spoon;
  • set of 3 glass jars (2 small and one large);
  • blood transfusion hose;
  • tape;
  • atomizer.
  • Collection of amino acids

Amino acids are fat layers floating on the surface of the solution in the beaker. Using a plastic spoon, gently collect them. Put them in one small glass jar for further use. Amino acids can also be used as a source of food. They can be consumed by dipping a teaspoon into a jar of amino acids and licking it once or twice a day. Note: This applies in the case of starvation and food shortages.

GAN collection

When a sufficient amount of HANS is formed in the cup (s), remove the syringe with the blood transfusion hose attached to it and pull the precipitated HAN from the bottom of the cup (s). Put it in the other small glass jar. Then add the level to the glass of salted water and repeat the operation until you have the required amount of GANS in the jar, but be sure to extract the amino acids before removing the GANS.


If you will no longer do HANS, pour the remaining water from the cup into the large glass jar for further use. Rinse, dry and store the empty glass in a clean place until the next GANS preparation.

ATTENTION! Do not place GANS, amino acids and plasma water near metals, and do not use metal spoons, metal lids for jars or other metals when handling them.


Step 2. Washing the GANS.

Add clean, (filtered or distilled) water to the glass jar with the newly collected HANS. Allow it to precipitate until the water above the gans has clarified (remember that the water in direct contact with the GANS will hereinafter be referred to as "Plasma Water"). Then carefully pour the clear water into the large jar without stirring the GANS. If you shake it, leave the jar stationary until the GANS settles and the water clears. Pour clear water again.

Do this procedure 5 times, then there is no more salt residue in the plasma water.

Water from the large jar can be used by adding it to the washing machine or pouring it into other open glass containers (eg cups) that can be placed around or inside the house. In this way, plasma water will deplete the energy of the viruses present in our home. If you use this method, carefully (without spilling it) discard the used water in the toilet or other safe place. This is necessary because it may contain energy from viruses.

Step 3. Preparation of Plasma Water for Use.

After washing, the GANS can be used to make plasma water for use. First, the amino acids are added to the GANS jar and the desalinated plasma water. The solution thus obtained is stirred gently by shaking the jar, without the use of a stirrer and other object, so that the amino acids do not adhere to it. The HAN is again allowed to precipitate at the bottom until only clear plasma water remains above it. This plasma water is now ready for use.

Mixing the amino acid fields with the GANS fields gives additional force to the plasma water, which consumes the energy from the virus and depletes its field force. To do this, follow all the instructions explained in this article.

ATTENTION! Use only plasma water. Do not use the GANS from the bottom of the jars as the force of the fields is too strong. Do not drink GANS or touch it without gloves.


3. Application

Use of plasma water as a preventive measure.

Spray your clothes every time before you leave home and when you return home.
Put a humidifier on the front door, filled only with pure plasma water, which injects water into the air as it enters and exits. Change its water every 24 hours.
Drink between 300 and 500 milliliters of plasma water every day in small sips.
Use a hookah or other system that works on the same principle (but does not include metals in it) for breathing energized air. Fill the hookah with plasma water and breathe in slowly the air passing through it. Repeat the inhalation process 3 times daily for 10 - 15 minutes.
Spray the door handles, beds, tables, walls, car, curtains, clothing, shoes, gloves, hats and scarves and all other objects that carry the risk of virus transmission with plasma water.
Use 500 ml. plasma water at the last rinse of the laundry.
Spray your pets with plasma water and let them drink from it. They can be affected by viruses just like humans. The same is true of other animals and habitats.
Use these preventative measures for other family members.
Repeat the following process in the morning after going to bed and the night before going to bed:

Wet your head with plasma water (with a nebulizer).
Spray the chest, back, throat, neck and nostrils with a nebulizer.
Wash face and hands with plasma water.
Mr Keshe advises each family member to have their own cup of life, since each cup has its own field strength. Adding GANS from the various "Cups of Life" increases the intensity of the flights. Mix plasma water from all Family Cups and use the water together as explained above.

Put plasma water glasses in several places in the house. They will absorb and destroy the field forces of the viruses. Glasses should be filled daily with fresh plasma water and old water should be disposed of in the toilet. Wash the glasses before refilling them with new plasma water.

Use of Plasma Water for Infection

Spray the plasma water with a spray once every hour on the chest, back and face.
Moisten your hands and nostrils with plasma water once every hour.
Wet your head with plasma water once every hour (with a nebulizer).
Drink plasma water at intervals of 15-30 minutes, from 500 to 700 milliliters per day.
Breathe energized air 1 - 2 times an hour for 10 - 15 minutes.
Spray clothing and bedding, door handles, curtains in bathrooms and other high-risk items regularly with plasma water.
Plasma water protection for spectators caring for infirm and sick people

Before a caregiver enters a person's room, it is recommended that:

to wash face and hands with plasma water;
use a mask sprayed with plasma water;
to wet my head with plasma water (with a nebulizer);
spray the chest, back, throat, neck and nostrils with a plasma water spray;
to drink 20 ml. plasma water.
Additional information on using the mask

Never touch the mask used directly. Always put it on and off by holding it only for rubber bands or straps.
Before removing the mask, spray it with plasma water and wait 3 minutes.
To clean the mask, put it in a container of plasma water for 10 - 15 minutes. After drying, you can use it again.
Moisten the mask slightly before using it again.