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Amazing 11 Houses Around The World

August 2, 2017

When you think of a dream house you usually think of an amazing view, a mansion with two or three floors that is very wide, with a view that can make you pinch yourself to actually check if you are dreaming. Well, dreams do come true and various dream houses are constantly built all over the world to bring about visual creativity and appreciation; one that is amazing enough to influence you to paste images to any vision board. Although your ideal dream house can be left to your imagination, the aim of this article is to open your mind further to the creativity and possibilities that can prolong the dream (that is of course until you make it a reality).

To one day live in our dream house is a goal for a lot of us especially if we can see it in our minds so clearly that we can feel the walls and the tiles beneath our feet. You probably just added another cut out picture to stick on the wall as part of what you want your house to look like. There is no shame in putting dream into expressive practicality so that you feel great about your dream. It is part of being artistic and fulfilling the dream.

11 engaging Dream houses have been posted to stimulate your senses and keep you motivated enough to continue the mental construction of your dream house. Be reminded that Dream Houses are not limited to shapes, sizes, materials, location, and your dreams.

Just check the pictures below:

Architect: TMS Architects
Location: New Hampshire, near to Lake Winnipesaukee

Architect: Brian Burke
Location: Dubai

Architect: MU Architecture
Location: Malbaie VIII – Quebec, Canada

Architect: Ibuku
Location: Sharma Springs – Bali, Indonesia

Architect: Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens
Location: Limpopo, South Africa

Architect: Paul de Ruiter
Location: Villa Kogelhof – Noord-Beveland, Netherlands


Architect: Weber Consulting
Location: Kawau Island, ~ 55 km north of Auckland, New Zealand.

Architect: Atelier Marko Brajovic
Location: ARCA – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Architect: Frank Stewart
Location: Malaysia


Architect: LIJO RENY architects
Location:  Kerala/India – Running Wall Residence


Architect: Studio Metrocubo
Location: House Sperone – Novigrad, Croatia