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18 Marvelous Asian Home Exterior Designs You’ll Fall In Love With

July 19, 2017

The Asian home design style is a very unique style which as the name suggests, originates from the countries located on the Asian continent. The features of this design mostly originate from Japan and China but other Asian countries such as Vietnam, India and Indonesia are also worth mentioning. Now, even though these countries have a very long history, the home designs that we are mostly interested about are the recent ones that can be compared to other homes of the contemporary and modern styles which is what we wanted to achieve with our latest showcase of the Asian home design style.

Modern Japanese Home

Asian Style Home Design

Asian Exterior

Chen Residence

Elegant Asian Exterior

Contemporary Japanese Exterior

Seki-juku on the old Tokai-do Road


House in Sayo

Asian Home Exterior

Bedfordale House

House in An Phu-An Khanh, Vietnam

Sonoma Pole House

Polynesian-Balinesian Home

Modern Asian Residence

Lucey House


Modern Asian Home